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The people of Ontario face more and more environmental issues every day. However, after the politics of the pandemic — the power and money grab that resulted and continues — the globalist coup (the Great Reset) takes precedence.  After all, if Canada stops being a sovereign nation, then environmental issues are immaterial.

The Great Reset

The information on this site or linked to this site has been gathered through private amateur research for the purpose of allowing the reader to make an informed decision.  However, while the information is believed to be reliable, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Here is a quick overview of Ontario’s environmental issues.

Ontario’s Environmental Issues Index          (with sortable headers)

News Articles:

Aggregate News (sand, stone, gravel)     (Ontario pits & quarries (#ONpq))

Aggregate Recycling & Alternatives News

Arctic News

Bees News

Climate Change

Endangered Species / At Risk

Farmland Protection (Cannabis)

First Nations News

Fossil Fuels:

Green Spaces (including provincial parks)

Large-Scale Fill Operations News

Mining News

Miscellaneous News

Monarch Butterfly News

Nuclear News

Plastics News

Renewable Energy News (alternatives, hydro, wind, solar, etc.)

Social News:

Technology News:

Transportation News – Rail

Waste Management News (landfills, gasification, alternatives)

Water News

Water Droughts News

What Else Should I Know?

China News

Fukushima Nuclear Plant (Japan) News

Louisiana Sinkhole (USA) News

USA 9/11 News

Whistleblowers News

Other Links:

How an Ontario Bill Becomes Law (.pdf)

How a Federal Bill Becomes a Law

Citizens’ Guides to Land-Use Planning

Citizens’ Guide: Zoning By-Laws (Ontario) (.pdf)

Land-Use Planning – Definitions

Canadian Environmental Law – Quick Intro

“Us Versus Them” by Linda Pim (ON Nature Magazine) — Ontario Municipal Board primer

Ontario politics (#ONpoli)     Canadian politics (#Cdnpoli) 

About the Melancthon Mega Quarry proposal (now withdrawn) (megaquarry, Highland, Bonnefield)

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